Nobody Cares About Reality

It’s like people are inhabiting a different universe. Pompeo has always been a lot more anti-Putin than Tillerson. How anybody can arrive at a conclusion that removing Tillerson in favor of Pompeo is some sort of a gift to Putin is a mystery.

The moment Trump does anything pro-Putin (and anti-Ukrainian because it’s the same thing), I’ll be howling like a banshee. I’m very ready to howl because I’m just in that sort of mood. I just need a reason. Or even a little excuse.

20 thoughts on “Nobody Cares About Reality

  1. To be fair, I doubt that Trump understands global politics well enough to even know what would be helpful to Putin. If he did know he might be able to act accordingly, but frankly Klara is probably a bigger help in the kitchen than Trump is with… anything.


  2. Nobody cares about reality.”

    Are you kidding? Reality gets more entertaining every day. Right now I’m watching the hilarious election returns from the Pennsylvania special election, and amazingly, MSNBC is actually the cable channel staying the most current, with new counted votes coming in literally minute-by-minute.

    It’s a good thing that the person tallying votes is a young man, or all the excitement would have given him a heart attack by now. He keeps putting his pen in his mouth while he checks his computer, then dropping the pen on the floor when he opens his mouth to speak, then putting the pen back in the mouth and then dropping it again… 🙂

    Since you aren’t watching the news: This “bellwether” election that the Democrats were so sure would show how toxic Trump is is TOO CLOSE TO CALL, even with the Democrats running a Republican-lite candidate that refuses to support Nancy Pelosi or condemn the tax cuts!


    1. Oh that’s crap and you know it. Romney and Trump won that district by about 20 points, Conor Lamb opposed the tax bill, and he is in no way a “Republican lite.”


        1. I agree that Lamb is the type of Democrat who could appeal to moderate and independent voters, and potentially win a general President election — but the national party is more likely to nominate a lefty flame-thrower like California senator Kamala Harris, who’s calling for the abolition of ICE.


          1. Sadly, I think there’s a good chance you’re right when it comes to 2020, especially since California moved themselves to the third state to vote in the primary (which gives whoever they choose an unfair advantage; a state that large shouldn’t go before other states.) Much of “the base” remains deeply out of touch and thinks someone like Kamala Harris could win in the Midwest. Our only hope is to gather enough in touch people to outvote them.


              1. What’s made you hate her? I’m voting for whoever’s running against her in the primary, but I still think I’d vote for her in the general (not that she can win Ohio.) Haven’t researched her deeply though.


              2. I am opposed to her views on a lot of things though. I imagine for you and I, it’s a lot of the same things.


              3. Remember how she said that she believes in the saying ‘as goes California, so goes the country’? She has nothing for me and for my region. All I’ve seen so far are the empty slogans that appeal to certain folks. And those folks are not around here. So yeah…


              4. That’s how I feel about her too. I also despise when Californians want to make the other states into mini-Californias. You can keep your staggering income inequality and horrible politics, thank you very much!

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        2. He’s also the past of the party, back before we lost our way. Of course, purists are whining about him, but they don’t live in Western Pennsylvania so they can’t do jack shit! The rest of us can work on electing great people across the country in 2018. I’ve seen some promising looking candidates elsewhere, although I need to research more.


        3. Eh. It’s not over until the entire world declares it and Saccone concedes. FWIW, I saw one web ad and it seemed on point. It’s refreshing to see someone who doesn’t look like they’re going to retire in ten years or already have run for office.

          Yes, it aims at national issues.

          Also “lefty flame thrower” is endlessly fungible. Whomever wins the nomination will become a radical leftist bent on unleashing open borders with forcing innocent Americans to AirBnB under dhimmitude with gay atheist H-1B IslamaMexican imams who do not share our values and ad nauseum

          It doesn’t matter if it’s someone like Joe Lieberman or Richard Ojeda in West Virginia.


          1. And whoever wins the R nomination will automatically become a racistsexist rapist who is plotting genocide and is worse than Hitler/Stalin/Pol Pot.

            That’s the tenor of public discussions in this country. What can one do?


            1. Somehow I don’t remember this level of frothing in 2012 with Romney or 2008 with McCain.

              I think what’s different is that all the partisans are frothing and foaming at the same level. If I want frothy nonsense from the right I can just watch Fox to Breitbart. If I want frothy nonsense in the other direction I can watch Maddow or The View We’re all either going to die from open borders, the flu or Tetris. But don’t count out the robots. (Sorry.)

              “Centrist” news:

              “Dooom! Also the economy is better than ever! Back to you…”

              Some of this crap is at “bitch eating crackers”. “He is Stalin reborn! The Republic is in grave peril! Also his wig is ugly and he has terrible taste in food! His wife is tacky!”


  3. On the radio this morning, the BBC pointed out that Tillerson was fired one day after criticizing Russia, apparently quoting Senator Chris Coons. It made me gasp! (Although I have to admit, there’s probably not a serious connection between his firing and his criticism of the Russians, it still sounds like something you’d read in a conspiracy novel.)

    (If the link doesn’t lead you right to the story that Coons is quoted in, it’s called “Fired for having a ‘different point of view'” — down the page.)


    1. @Fie
      Off-topic, but did you ever see the reply I posted to you a month or so ago when you asked me about publishers who pay $100 for flash stories? I answered your query late at night, and I’m not that you (or anybody else) ever read it.


      1. I did see the post. I usually don’t write genre fiction, which seemed to be what the paying market is. But if I do, I’ll look into it further. Thanks!


    2. Talks of Tillerson getting fired started back in November. Trump has been upset with him for months. Their beef is about the Iran deal that Tillerson wanted to preserve and Trump doesn’t.

      There is a lot of irresponsible reporting. I’m very aware of this one issue, and I’m seeing how ridiculous the coverage is. It makes me wonder how many lies we are being told about other issues.

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