Wake Up, UK!

Instead of making ridiculous speeches and expressing embarrassing grave concerns, Theresa May should respond to Putin’s actions with deportations. Enough of this empty bluster! Enough of the ridiculous “we give Russia 24 hours to explain!” that Russians are openly laughing about.

The crucial, tragic mistake of one UK government after another was to welcome all of these interminable processions of bandits and gangsters from Russia. The only real sanction that the UK can impose on Russia is to return all of the children, wives, mistresses, and whores of the Russian government officials and oligarchs back to Russia. All of these so-called “business visas” that the UK has been selling to every dirty criminal bastard in the world for half a million need to be revoked.

Putin’s people are running around London poisoning people. Have done so for years. When will the UK government finally put an end to this?

13 thoughts on “Wake Up, UK!

  1. Apparently they’re deporting 23 diplomats. I’m not sure that even that will be enough.


  2. Literally 3 minutes after reading your blog post, I see this. Doubtless this is insufficient. But at least its something? We, on the other hand, suddenly have a new secretary of state, because our old one suggested that this might be Russia’s fault? I just. can’t. keep.up.



    1. Ok, Tillerson’s removal has nothing to do with Russia. Tillerson was always a friend of Russia while the new appointee Pompeo is very anti-Russian. The connection between Tillerson’s firing and Russia is a lie. It’s irresponsible, fake reporting.


      1. Speaking of irresponsible reporting, I saw a news site say that Theresa May is preparing the legal justification for invoking Article 5 of the NATO treaty judging solely by her empty bluster. They even cited the example of the US doing so following 9/11. Do these people even know what they’re saying? Do we really want nuclear war over Russia poisoning ex-spies? Not trying to excuse it, but it’s still not worth going to war war over this.

        Thankfully, there are other articles citing “insider sources” saying NATO is not seriously considering invoking Article 5 against Russia.


        1. Exactly. I agree 100%. This is extremely irresponsible, propaganda-type reporting. I don’t understand why people aren’t turning away from the sources that so blatantly lie to them.


  3. Gee, did you want her to go to the Russian Embassy with a baseball bat and start swinging it at the diplomats there?


    1. No, I want her to start deporting the children, the wives and the whores of the Russian state officials and oligarchs. Which is exactly what I said in the post.


      1. Deport the officials and their wives, but keep the whores and mistresses and sugar babies and whatnot in the UK. Let the guys be stuck in Russia with the wives that they cheated on but without the women whom they could have fun with.


  4. Expelling Russian diplomats is a start, but they also need to freeze assets of people close to the Russian government.

    Like Trump.


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