We Are the Product

Facebook’s product is me, you, and every user. That’s what FB sells, OK?

Facebook places you in a store window and sells you. If you manage to sneak in a few of your own products to sell and make some profit, too, good for you. But the main goal of Facebook is to make Zuckerberg rich by peddling us. Nobody asks the products on a shelf their opinion on the customer and on the uses the customer would put them to, do they?

One thought on “We Are the Product

  1. It’s this ….very ambivalent relationship with Facebook, that people have. Time and time around I see people claim that you can’t not be on Facebook these days, but they don’t seem to enjoy being on Facebook that much. It’s this constant claim that you can’t have a social life otherwise, mixed with anxiety about “missing out” on some unnamed thing


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