Aggressive Childishness

The kid is a gift that keeps on giving:

During a recent interview with PBS, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez flubbed a question about the economy, claiming that unemployment was only low at the moment because “everyone has two jobs.” The comment seemed to suggest that she either did not know how the unemployment rate was calculated, or did not understand why it had fallen in recent years.

And it’s not an occasional gaffe. The exuberant, lisping childishness is in most of what she says.

I don’t have much patience for this kind of thing because I get too much of it at work (albeit of the opposite political bent or entirely apolitical).

19 thoughts on “Aggressive Childishness”

        1. “why Bernie Sanders is so actively promoting…”

          Simple answer: She’s promoting the same far-left socialistic proposals that Bernie is, and right now she’s getting the lion’s share of attention. So Bernie wants her to popularize those views to potential voting groups who aren’t particularly interested in him personally. He’s definitely planning to run for president 2020.

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        2. “why Bernie Sanders is so actively promoting somebody with this kind of intellectual repertoire.”
          to paraphrase… she’s a normie, part of the constituency that would normally value conformity and the status quo (she’s a born hillary voter). Instead she wants to burn it down because in her own awkward way she realizes it’s not working anymore.
          When a system loses the normies (like neoliberalism is at present) then the party is over.


          1. How is she a “born Hillary voter?” She reminds me of any other young progressive I know (to be fair, they all strongly value conformity, just not the status quo.) Do you have any other reason to say that other than that she’s Latina?


        3. The same reason he’s capitulated on immigration: he values his popularity more than his principles. He got a taste of fame and adulation in 2016 and hasn’t been willing to let go since. He’s scared to piss off progressives and is desperate to curry favor with them and stay in the limelight.

          It’s really disappointing because Bernie could be so much better. I’d even reached a point of “maybe I’d vote for him if I could travel back in time.” But since he’s started campaigning with Openborders-Cortez I’m thankful he didn’t get close to the presidency. A man so easily influenced by the whims of the young and stupid should not be our president.


        4. I have a side question on lisping. Is it always a mannerism or affectation of cuteness when used by adults, or is there an actual East Coast or Middle Atlantic accent that lisps? I ask because I’ve heard people from there do it. Admittedly all women that I can remember, which should answer my own question. But has anyone else heard it?


  1. Yeah, she’s a joke. During her primary, she accused her opponent, the incumbent congressman, of dodging a debate with her (which was true).

    Now conservative provocateur Ben Shapiro has offered to contribute $10,000 to her campaign if she’ll appear on his podcast program “The Ben Shapiro Show” and debate relevant political issues with her.

    She responded with a Twitter post: Just like catcalling, I don’t owe a response to unsolicited requests from men with bad intentions. And also like catcalling, for some reason they feel entitled to one.

    So challenging a female politician to a debate is misogynistic “catcalling”! 🙂 🙂


  2. I took that remark as a general reference to underemployment & also the fact that the unemployment rate is in fact calculated in a certain way & is only one indicator of the general economic well-being of the population … was I being too kind?

    I feel there’s too much gushing about this candidate, who hasn’t even been elected to office yet, but generally speaking I’m for single payer and well, her platform generally, although I’d look at it as a set of goals, not something I’d expect anyone to be able to just put in. But then I vote for people all the time that I don’t find perfect … you kind of have to do that when you vote


    1. I don’t agree with a lot of her platform, but I imagine I don’t agree with the Republican’s platform either and she’d probably have my vote. It’s all a moot point considering how strongly Democratic this district is. Mostly I just wish I could stop seeing her in the media all the time. She’s giving power to a branch of the party that I desperately don’t want to gain any more influence.


      1. I’d like to see the Democrats move left. HRC’s vote for the Iraq war and support for the Honduras coup, for instance, I’d really prefer not to have to vote for such a candidate, although I of course did in the general. But there’s something about the overemphasis on Ocasio-Cortez that seems really off to me. I’m glad the district is going to elect a Democrat but let’s move on to getting some more of them in other districts, and to some other burning issues … there is so much to do …


        1. “I’d like to see the Democrats move left.”

          I’d like to see the Democrats move hard left, too. That will keep them wandering in the wilderness for another forty years.

          The reasons stated for the U.S. to enter the Iraq War were clearly nonsense. I remember Colin Powell ridiculously claiming at the U.N. that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. But once your country starts a war, the only immoral thing that it can do during the conflict is to lose it.


          1. Hard left? I didn’t say that — it wouldn’t be them.

            What about withdrawing from conflict — getting out before making things even worse? Or does that just never work?


  3. In my not-so-humble opinion, the only intelligent reason to vote for or against a candidate in a general election is the candidate’s ideology — that is, are they going to promote legislation and policies that I want enacted, and oppose policies that I don’t like?

    Who cares if they’re likable or have good character? I expect most politicians to be self-serving crooks, anyway — doesn’t matter, as long as they do what I elected them for.


    1. Well, a certain measure of good character and honesty is desirable, I feel. But on likability, looks, etc., yes — I really don’t understand this. Never have.


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