Social Workers

It really does take a social worker not to realize you need a thermos.

Nothing Burger

After two years, the Mueller investigation found what I told you from the start it was going to find: absolutely nothing whatsoever. Apparently, Mueller himself can’t wait to get shot of the whole mess and go have a real investigation of something real.

There was no collusion, folks. Putin promoted Bernie and Trump because he wanted chaos in US politics. In 2020 he will support the most loonie-tunes opponent of Trump’s. And there won’t be any collusion then, either.

Well, at least the whole debacle boosted Maddow’s ratings.

P.S. I recommend Mike’s great post on how far Putinomania goes among the excitable fringe. The exact same people who adamantly refused to notice when Putin invaded Ukrainian are now inventing utterly ridiculous feats of superhuman evilness and ascribe them to Putin.