Kids Today

I’m very very puzzled and kind of freaked out by these young people. Who’s with me that they are not normal?


I love how positive Ukrainians have become.

“President Poroshenko declared half a billion hryvnia* in capital gains for 2018!” somebody gushes online. “This is so great! It means no oligarch can buy him off!”

Of course, this means that the president himself is an oligarch, but that’s a small, insignificant detail.

*About $18 million USD.


What people need to do is to stop quoting Gloria Anzaldua on borders. We no longer quote Freud to talk about psychoanalysis, Foucault to discuss neoliberalism, Marx on capitalism, and Betty Friedan on feminism. Whatever borders were in 1987, there no longer are. Let’s move on to fresher perspectives.

This is not my suggestion, by the way. It was advanced by this really great scholar at the session I attended today. And it was such a relief to hear somebody say this because I’ve had it up to here with blasted Anzaldua.