Caught Between Liars

“Precisely zero terrorists, terrorist groups, or terror plots have ever been connected with the U.S.–Mexico border” is just as dumb and dishonest as 3,700 terrorists on the Mexican border.

Unfortunately, few people are lucid enough to see that both are ridiculous lies.

Embracing Humiliation

Oh, goodness:

Bernie Sanders Apologizes Again to Women Who Were Mistreated in 2016 Campaign

He seems like an intelligent fellow. How come he doesn’t understand that these endless apologies and all this self-prostration only make the rabid wing even more rabid and turn off the normal voters? Nobody has ever managed to ingratiate themselves with the crazies. Their narcissistic woundedness is an abyss that can’t be filled. So why is he trying so hard? Who cares about them anyway? They are a tiny minority.


I’m usually a pretty composed person in all sorts of situations. Just ask my students. I’m a haven of calm no matter what happens.

Back when I took 24 Hispanic teenagers with behavioral issues and criminal antecedents on a field trip to New York and they were exactly like you’d expect, I didn’t lose my cool for a second. The teenagers themselves said they were stunned with my self-control.

With Klara, people are also stunned with my unwavering calmness in the face of the worst tantrums.

Or when N called me 9 years ago to say he’d been fired and about to get deported. I was cool as a cucumber and got everything handled. And so on.

But I do become an angry, out-of-control maniac if somebody messes with my plans. The idiots from AT&T disrupted my carefully designed plan to work today, and I was absolutely rabid. And it’s really not that big of a deal. There wasn’t anything super urgent. It’s just that somebody messed up my plan, and I can’t stand that. My BP went through the roof.

It’s such a small thing compared to the really serious stuff I’ve had to deal with in life but this is the stuff that gets to me. It’s very ridiculous.

You Can’t Make This Up

So I called AT&T to complain, right? A cheerful young lady I talked to tried to sell me some sports channels instead.

I said I don’t want any sports channels. And even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to watch them because my TV doesn’t work. Because I have no electricity, which is why I was calling in the first place.

“Let me check,” said the eager young lady. “Hmmm… I don’t see a reason why your TV doesn’t work. The signal going to your house is strong and clear.”

After I pointed out that this might be true but of no use to me because I was experiencing a power outage, there was a long pause. The poor creature was failing to make a connection between there being no power and the TV not working.

Still Hate #AT&T

AT&T is still laying cable in my street, so we are without electricity for the third time in a week.

N’s favorite electric tea kettle (very expensive, by the way) broke down because of constant power disruptions. Several outlets are broken. And worst of all, I can’t work. I have a ton to do and this is making me very angry.