Forget Reality

The Kamloops “discovery” of 2021 created a major sensation in Canada and abroad. Based on the preliminary assessment and before any remains were found or any credible report made, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau immediately referred to “a dark and shameful chapter” in Canadian history.[3] British Columbia Premier John Horgan said he was “horrified and heartbroken” to learn of a burial site with 215 children that highlights the violence and consequences of the residential school system.[4] Several other Aboriginal communities and media outlets then followed up with references to unmarked graves. On May 30, the federal government lowered the flags on all its buildings to half-staff. Later, it instituted a new holiday to honour “missing” children and survivors of residential schools. Spontaneously, clusters of shoes and orange shirts and other paraphernalia were placed on church steps in many cities or on the steps of legislatures in memory of the little victims. Around the country, churches were burned or vandalized. Statues were spray-painted and pulled down in apparent retaliation for the fate of the children. The statue of Queen Victoria in front of the Manitoba Legislature was defaced and pulled down. 

Even China was horrified by these horrifying abuses in horrifying ways of the horrifyingly abused indigenous children. Of course, nobody actually found any mass graves. It’s all speculation. But mass graves fit the narrative, and that makes them more than real in fact, reality is completely unimportant.

That the story of the mass graves was abjectly ludicrous was clear from the start. But bemoaning imaginary human rights violations of the past is useful to distract from the currently existing ones. In Canada, you will now have to present a vaccine passport and a photo ID to enter Costco. But that’s a lot less interesting than fantasizing about dead indigenous children from the 19th century.


4 thoughts on “Forget Reality

  1. People forget that before penicillin and modern sanitation that child mortality was immense. A “mass grave” of a few hundred children at a residential school that had thousands of students over decades in the 19th and early 20th century is not only not evidence of atrocity, it is to be expected.

    According to the data I just looked at, in 1800 there were 462 deaths of children under age five for every 1000 live births. Almost half of all children died before they reached five. In 1880 it was still 347, and as late as 1920 it was 184 early childhood deaths per 1000 births.

    Then penicillin is invented, and the death rate for young children plummets. It’s now seven deaths before five per 1,000 births.

    Post modern people have absolutely no idea how brutal life was for our great great grand parents. Yet we presume to judge them with such utterly effete supercilious condescension. We’re a bunch of morally and spiritually stunted cretins who aren’t worthy of the culture they’ve bequeathed us, which is why we are systematically smashing our patrimony: it is far too great an inheritance for morons such as us.

    Data cited taken from here:

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  2. Well worth reading in its entirety, here’s a link to the full article in the Dorchester Review written by an emeritus professor of History at Université de Montréal.

    Given the state of the current wokester regime of terror in Canadian universities, such a well-researched article could lead to dismissal of even a tenured faculty member (as was the case discussed in the link below).

    Even emeritus Professors who are fully retired have been successfully targeted by Canada’s wokester Red Guards.

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      1. “This is absolute bloody insanity.”

        This is what it looks like when the wokesters have marginalized liberal democratic norms, corrupted liberal democratic institutions, and have begun to consolidate their power.

        “Smash the four olds!”

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