Because of COVID

I was in a big event today, with 600 people in attendance. Indoors. The event was an awards ceremony, and it was completely spoiled by the absence of music. It feels really weird to walk in complete silence to the stage across a large ballroom.

“Why is there no music?” I asked one of the organizers.

“Because of COVID,” he replied seriously.


6 thoughts on “Because of COVID

  1. Bureaucrats love their excuses.

    Long ago I briefly worked at a for-profit school. Anytime the administration did something stupid they would justify it via “Well, as a publicly traded corporation subject to Sarbanes-Oxley…” I’m half surprised they didn’t income that to explain a broken copy machine.

    So COVID is the new Sarbanes-Oxley.

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  2. I am a professional musician. There are fellow musicians who are so neurotic they won’t do gigs unless the entire Audience is masked and double vaxxed, boosted etc. etc. I’m not that way, and few musicians are, but those who are very scared are noisy bullies.

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        1. The fellow I met was finishing up an electrician’s license. Said if his old job ever came back, it’d be an asset, and if he couldn’t get back to his old job… it was a living.


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