Congratulations, You Are a Leftist!

I want to remind everybody that I spent 20 years on the American Left. I have heard the narrative that “the US is the worst country in the world” many times. I find it neither original nor interesting. The fact that some simpletons only recently discovered it doesn’t negate the fact that it’s moronic and profoundly leftist.


4 thoughts on “Congratulations, You Are a Leftist!

  1. You know you are A Guest of the Regime when:

    A border official shows disrespect to you and your team which has diplomatic status, and he searches all of your stuff, especially your phone.
    This border official calls “Your Boss” on your phone, figuring that it means your boss, only to be shocked when he is connected to the head of government.
    The head of government’s picture is everywhere at the airport, and everyone knows what he sounds like, even on the phone.
    When the head of government asks you what you’d want to do with the border official, you joke that you’d like to see him write “I will not harass diplomatic officials” on a chalk board five hundred times.
    You later find out that the border official has been given “a day off” to go to a school so he can wear down his wrists at a chalk board, and you’re shown the video later.
    You exit the airport terminal to be greeted by a full military escort, which is for you.
    The rest of the team piles into rental cars provided by the government.
    While doing the work you’re doing there, every one of the country’s officials act like they are deathly afraid of you, so they do stuff without question, and you hope you’re not making them do more than would normally be expected.
    When you’re done, you make sure everyone on your team is at the airport six hours early.
    When asked, you say it’s because you want to make sure everyone’s going to make the flight, and of course it helps make “Your Boss” happy that he doesn’t have to provide extra security. No further questions are asked.
    You do not breathe a sigh of relief when you’re in international airspace, and that will wait until you’re on the ground.
    Arrival at this overcrowded globally recognisable airport known for long takeoff delays usually sucks, but this time you are grateful to be there, and you promise yourself that you will never be A Guest of the Regime.

    But not even that place is the worst country in the world.


    1. I am sorry I don’t have enough imagination to understand what or who you are getting at. Do you care to be more explicit or is that too much to ask ?


      1. It is now fashionable among people on the political Right in the US to say that Americans can’t condemn any atrocities happening in the world because any foreign murderer, tyrant, despot or mass murderer is better than Americans.

        Just today, somebody made this argument on my blog when I shared a story about Russians castrating a Ukrainian prisoner of war, filming themselves in the process and sharing the video online. In response to the story, the American commenter informed me that Americans are so terrible that these Russian animals are far superior to them morally.

        Truly, people have lost all self-respect.


        1. Clarissa gets it.

          Nevermind that there’s at least one Regime out there where just knowing “Your Boss” is enough power to order government department chiefs and bureaucrats around on pain of death (or stupid punishments you thought were just a joke at the time).

          Just one American is worse than all of that!

          Revel in your new exceptional status, American, as the paragon of the inversion of virtue!

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