Christ Is Risen!


8 thoughts on “Christ Is Risen!

  1. Happy Orthodox Easter!

    I’ve probably asked this before but my awful memory might be acting up…. are the different Orthodox churches more or less coordinated about Easter now?
    I remember a conversation years and years ago with a layperson involved in an orthodox branch (close to Polish/Belarusian border) who said that they historically hadn’t been but there was a year where they all fell on the same day and there was an effort to coordinate for the future….
    Don’t know if that was just Eastern Orthodox or Oriental Orthodox too…


  2. Sometimes we happen to have Pascha on the same day as Catholic easter. Pure numerical chance.

    Orthodox churches are all coordinated on the date of Pascha, AFAIK. The reason is because even though most of us moved to the new calendar (and so should technically be celebrating the same Pascha as the Catholics), we did not wish to leave our Old Calendar brethren behind, so in order to celebrate in unity, we use the old calendar calculation for Pascha, still.

    Don’t quote me on that. Could be wrong.

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  3. “Orthodox churches are all coordinated on the date of Pascha”

    IINM that wasn’t always the case. The person I was talking to was pretty clear (or I’m very dumb and didn’t understand… which is possible….) that different orthodox churches were using different calendars at the time (maybe an Easter/Oriental split?)
    I’m surprised the two were so close this year… I remember several years ago it was very early for Catholic/protestants and I went to Romania almost a month later and the owner of the airbnb type place I was staying at was wondering why I’d want to time the visit with Easter…


    1. Not sure if the Oriental Orthodox are on the same schedule as the rest of us, only that among Eastern, the old and new calendar people all celebrate Pascha on the same day, even when it causes problems with lent smashing up other holy days on the calendar. It’s that important.


    2. Orthodox Easter is usually 1 week after Catholic Easter, except for the times when full moon shenanigans make them happen either 1 month apart or on the same day.


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