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Need Help with Ellen

Folks, I need help figuring out what Ellen DeGeneres says in a small clip on Allegra. Here is the clip:

At 0.44 –1.15 Ellen says: Here is what I’m going to do to prove it to the people. I’m going to put a little pollen in there, put a little pet dander in there, a little dust mites, I’ll put some weeds in there, this is some of ??Cher’s?? hair, and I don’t know what that is, I think it’s his  , I’m not sure, this is going to be some fire ants – I’m kidding, it’s scorpions.

Do help, I need this for a work project and I have no idea what she is saying.


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3 thoughts on “Need Help with Ellen

  1. Hazel Catkins on said:

    First part– yes, Cher’s hair

    Second part– asbestos


  2. Anonymous on said:

    Seems she is in mental trouble and full of fear (scorpions). She tries to improve the situation (…put a little pollen in there, … put some weeds in there …) but she fears doing the wrong thing, therefore only (little). Thomas


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