Visitors From a Stupid Resource

For some reason, people are coming to my blog from this idiotic article written by some stupid troll and titled “Do men who wash up really have less sex?”

To visitors who come here from that resource I have to say: if you experienced a need to read this trash for purposes other than to mock it, you are not destined to have much sex ever. There are evolutionary mechanisms in place that will prevent people with your non-existent IQ from procreating.

And to those who are still seeking an answer to the idiotic article’s question, here it is: the reason why your sex life sucks has nothing to do with household chores. Stop blaming your lack of desirability on the dishes and visit a sexologist already.

P.S. Please don’t insult me by suspecting that I have read the article. Life is too short to be wasted on pieces that bear this kind of titles.


8 thoughts on “Visitors From a Stupid Resource”

  1. Sounds like a completely bullshit article to me. They get an anthropologist and a sociologist to justify these pseudo-scientific claims.


  2. The author of the article also seems skeptical of the claim and takes the opportunity to discuss the problems with this type of research. I’ve seen worse.


    1. Just the title alone makes this not worth reading. It’s like publishing an article titled “Do Jews really fry Christian babies and eat them for breakfast?” and then trying to discuss how this claim might be problematic.

      But you are right, there is so much crap getting published that this isn’t even the worst.


  3. I am not going to read it either, but I took it as referring to the possibility that men who shower a lot remove their pheromones and thus do not attract sex partners the way sweaty men would have.


      1. I had no idea ‘washing up’ was purely a British phrase. So at least I’ve learnt something from the existence of that article.
        Does anyone know if ‘washing up’ is used in New Zealand or Australia?


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