Florida Is Fine

And in the meanwhile, the very excitable and dramatic people of whom I am now one are apocalypsing on a new subject today:

Trump’s buddy President Vladimir Putin has just announced that Russia has new nuclear-capable weapons in the works that “renders defense systems ‘useless,’” according to NBC News. To show off his developing nukes, he pairs his announcement with the chilling video above of a nuclear weapon going straight toward Florida.

The good news is that “the chilling video” is pretty much the limit of what Russians can produce in terms of technology. Their sophisticated state-of-the-art weaponry has a tendency physically to fall apart during military parades. They haven’t won a war against anybody since 1945. And they are at war all the time, and it’s usually more than one war.

So in spite of the “chilling video,” we can all chill. Florida is not in danger.

4 thoughts on “Florida Is Fine

    1. Back in 2007 when the video first aired, they didn’t care either. Because it was the Bush era and Putin was Bush’s one true love. Plus all the liberals were in love with him. And now they are all waking up.


  1. For someone born and raised there (and not even in one of the more wildly dysfunctional parts) the headline produces severe cognitive processing problems…


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