Youthful Enthusiasm

When I was just starting to learn Spanish and taking courses in Hispanic culture, I was living in a state of complete intellectual amazement about the wonderful new things I was discovering. There was such enthusiasm and such joy in every moment of my life.

Then the feeling kind of wore out but I really missed it. And finally I found a way to experience it again with my newfound interest in the Basque language and culture. I feel like I’m 22 again. It’s amazing.

Fluidity has its benefits.

6 thoughts on “Youthful Enthusiasm

  1. “Fluidity has its benefits.”

    Is that fluidity though? i think of it as simply keeping your horizons broad. I’m a firm believer that people who spend a lot of their time teaching a foreign language should start a new language every 3-5 years just to stay on their toes and remember to be humble.

    Fluidity would be uprooting your family to run off to the Basque Countries or redirecting your research to analysing Basque literature in the original (or to comparativie sociology or starting a new part time career as an Uber driver between classes or deciding that what you, N and Klara really need is Samoan citizenship…


  2. Wonderful! Maybe I will take a break from f/sf and read a Basque novel. Can you recommend a good translation of one?


  3. Off-topic: Remember to go to the trouble of setting all your clocks and watches one hour ahead tonight for DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME!

    Those of us living in Arizona don’t have to! 🙂


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