Just Stop

I wish Megyn Kelly stopped interviewing Putin. He feeds off her subservient attitude during those interviews. The whole interview is a mockery of “dumb Americans.” She frankly stinks at interviewing people like him.

One thought on “Just Stop

  1. Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t think “dumb Americans”? I know everyone in my country of origin did and does. I know my Asian colleagues who exclusively bring in graduate students from their home country do; I often want to ask them why they are here; they should go back to where the smart people are because people here are so dumb.

    So “dumb Americans,” yet everyone flocks to come here.


    I don’t know about Megyn Kelly, but I am definitely tired, in my life, from people equating politeness and tact with dimwittedness. Now even younger men think it’s OK because I’m all dumb and matronly. Fuck that $hit. I am really sick and tired of being talked down to and condescended to and talked over.

    I just had a magazine editor give me such a low-level explanation of how publishing works in an email, as if I were a second-grader of below-average intelligence. Mostly because I was aware that I was somewhat shirking their submission guidelines and lightly apologized for it.

    The only way to get respect seems to be to act as the most uncouth of men.


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