History Repeats

Putin has been running around the world poisoning people for over a decade. Litvinenko was poisoned with polonium – polonium! – in the UK back in 2006. He died. Yuschenko was poisoned with an unidentified substance. He didn’t die but was disfigured.

This is a very old Soviet practice that started back in the late 1920s. The goal is intimidation. “We’ll find you wherever you go. There’s nowhere on the planet that we can’t reach,” is the message.

Sixty years ago, Solzhenitsyn wrote that the West will tolerate absolutely anything that the USSR dishes out because all it cares about is to be left in peace to continue consuming. He’s still right.

16 thoughts on “History Repeats

    1. Putin is not going to start a nuclear war if the so-called business visa to the UK is cancelled or immigration into the UK is more controlled. Which is the only thing I’m proposing.


  1. That’ll set a terrible precedent, you see. If you do the right thing first time, you might have to do it again. London is the money laundering center of the world. If they do something about the Russians, they might scare off their other clients.

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      1. The deepest waters of fluidity (and it doesn’t get any more fluid than modern London) will be fouled and polluted.

        I almost pity all the suckers who think they’ll be able to make it work for themselves…


    1. When other countries start killing people with polonium in the middle of London, let’s discuss it. But I’m not aware of anything like that. These are people who own half of London, who are received by the queen like they are decent folks, whose kids are half of Eton and other private schools. My question is, why was it so crucial to bring them in. Who needs them? They are horrible people, they suck. Why are wonderful, hard-working people being thrown out to make space for this trash?


      1. \ When other countries start killing people with polonium in the middle of London, let’s discuss it.

        Why is that so crucial whether it’s in the middle of London or in the middle of some another country’s capital?

        \ Why are wonderful, hard-working people being thrown out to make space for this trash?

        Those hard-working people cannot pay for the priviledge of living in London anymore, after the competition became international.

        You talk about fluidity all the time, so I would guess that plenty hard-working people will be left behind and forced to move from too important locations.


        1. Because it’s the UK’s response that I’m discussing. Their response to what is being done in their country is weak. When it’s done in other countries, their response is non-existent. Which is ok, I get it, they don’t have to care. But this right there, at home. And they still can’t say anything.

          And nobody else can afford to live in London precisely because these animals have driven the price of real estate sky high. But the citizens don’t seem to give a crap, so whatever, serves them well.


      1. \ Have you been watching Russian news? 🙂 Because this is their favorite response to everything.

        No. I have remembered reading about America bombing weddings, funerals and so on to get some terrorist. Of course, the alleged attacks were not in Europe, so it’s all OK.


        1. I don’t know which specific cases you mean but I imagine that the local response was not a tepid “hmm, this is kind of concerning but whatever.”


    1. “Surely America practices various assassinations too?”

      Targeting active terrorists like bin Laden and other ISIS leaders isn’t quite the same thing as poisoning journalists or retired elderly spies who became harmless years ago.

      A practical issue with assassination attempts is that it’s almost impossible to get to the leaders whose deaths would actually make a difference. Hitler had over thirty known assassination attempts, but lived until the last days of World War II and ultimately committed suicide. Mussolini also lived to the end of the war in Italy. The CIA had several nutty ideas (such as “exploding cigars”) to kill Castro, and we all know how long he lived.


  2. “Why are wonderful, hard-working people being thrown out to make space for this trash?”

    Because the more deeply a government commits to fluidity the less it is able to exercise any particular moral judgement – fluidity itself is the only standard and rich Russian oligarch scum is a lot more fluid than a bunch of poor Ukrainians trying to establish a civil society.


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