Book Notes: Cameron Watson’s Modern Basque History

What a great book, folks! Cameron Watson’s Modern Basque History: Eighteenth Century to the Present is a textbook that includes reading assignments and discussion questions after each chapter, so it can be used in a classroom. The writing is beautiful, very clear, and quite free of ideology, which is not easy given the subject. I enjoyed reading it enormously. It’s fascinating to look at the history of Spain, France and Europe at large from the Basque point of view. Just as an exercise for the mind it’s a great thing. Cameron Watson is a brilliant scholar and a talented writer.

The book was published by the Center for Basque Studies at the U of Nevada in Reno. They offer a scholarship for academics who want to come and work on their research into the Basque culture. I’d love to go because the scholarship sounds like it was made for me. But you have to go for 3 weeks at least, and obviously I can’t do that while Klara is so small.

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