Riots in Karl Marx Town

It’s a great thing that Germany isn’t experiencing a massive economic crisis like Spain is, or we’d see stuff that’s a lot worse than the recent riot in Chemnitz.

It is very disturbing when anybody does this but it’s especially worrisome when Germans do.

2 thoughts on “Riots in Karl Marx Town

  1. “it’s especially worrisome when Germans do”
    Well, first you’re believing something written in the NYT about another country, the next time you’re tempted to do that think of their coverage of Ukraine…
    Second, the best writer in English on German migration/asylum/refugee policy makes valuable points
    – Neither of the suspects who killed Daniel Hillig by stabbing him 25 times had any real legal or ethical right to be in Germany but Germany is terrible at deporting people that shouldn’t be there (because they’re too scared of their own past to do so effectively it takes years and tens of thousands of euros to deport anyone).
    – German authorities have no good explanation for why one of the suspects (with a string of crimes already committed in Germany) was still in the country and refused comment.
    – The great majority of the protests were ordinary citizens scandalized and angry about the first two points
    – There were a few neo-nazi types who joined the protests diverting attention toward themselves and allowing the German government to still not address the deep flaws in its migration policy (okay that is scary for reasons I write about on my blog),
    – Despite the hyperbole of nazis hunting for foreigners there are hardly any reports of them actually catching or injuring people.


  2. “a massive economic crisis like Spain ”

    It’s not a crisis anymore, it’s the new normal. It is financially and mathematically impossible for the economy to ever get significantly better as long as they’re on the Euro (failing massive reforms to the Euro which no one wants to initiate).


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