Better Title

A better title would be, “In spite of a vaccine created by his predecessor, Joe Biden more than doubles COVID hospitalization rates.”

5 thoughts on “Better Title

  1. Looks like a good policy:

    // Migrants in Denmark will be told to complete 37 hours’ work a week in order to receive welfare benefits, the government said on Tuesday.

    Initially, it will be a requirement for those who have been on benefits for three to four years, and who have not attained a certain level of schooling and proficiency in Danish.

    According to the government, six out of 10 women from the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey do not participate in the Danish labour market.

    The plan says it aims to integrate 20,000 people by pushing them to find some form of work, through local government offices.

    “It could be a job on the beach picking up cigarette butts or plastic… (or) helping to solve various tasks within a company,” employment minister Peter Hummelgaard said.

    “The most important thing for us is that people get out of their homes,” he added.


  2. Many silenced scientists said vaccinating DURING a pandemic would exert evolutionary pressure on the virus potentially causing worse strains. Others were aware of ADE due to prior testing of mRNA vaccines. It was always clear vaccines were either pointless or harmful. Just as it was clear lockdowns prolong the pandemic and allow more time for mutations before reaching herd immunity.

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