The Real Hypocrisy

And the most pathetic thing about the AOC buttocks debacle is that the people who have plastered social media with them ostensibly do it to point out her hypocrisy while being completely oblivious to their own. This is a woman with clear presidential hopes who is utterly unknown to normies. So let’s make sure normies find out about her and associate vaguely positive emotions with her. What a win for conservatism.

The way propaganda works is that nobody retains information. It’s all about feelings. A slogan everybody agrees with on a shapely, cute butt evokes positive feelings. And that’s what people will subconsciously retain.

Also, what is it exactly that you are conserving by pornifying every space?

13 thoughts on “The Real Hypocrisy

  1. Respectfully, that is how propaganda works on people whose brains are wired to lean left. For people whose brains are wired to lean right, republishing AOC’s contradictory messaging causes a dissonance that gives them a bad impression & negative feelings.

    By the way is everyone talking about pictures of her wearing a white dress with some writing on it? If so can someone circle where the buttocks are supposed to be on her skinny bum because I’m personally having trouble finding anything.

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    1. How is it contradictory, though? If I show up to the meeting at the diversity office in a shirt that says “fuck the woke,” is that a contradictory or a brilliant own?

      As for the quality of the butt, to me it looks stunning but I’m a heterosexual woman, so what do I know?


      1. As for the dress itself, it would be perfect if somebody removed the cheap-looking frumpy tulle at the bottom. Without the tulle, I’d happily wear this dress. Ideally, with a different message but the message doesn’t even matter. It’s a great dress and the designer is brilliant.


        1. “if somebody removed the cheap-looking frumpy tulle at the bottom”

          That’s the only think I like, I’ve always thought the big fishtail look is very elegant and striking, the Latvian entry to eurovision a few years ago had an extreme one that I thought looked great.

          For me the whole dress looks… cheap the fabric doesn’t photograph well and doesn’t fit her well and the writing isn’t interesting graphically…


      2. “How is it contradictory, though?”

        She was a working class waitress who has climbed the social and political ladder so as to become a member of the political elite, who is very well paid, and who goes to gala balls for which tickets cost thousands of dollars.

        Then, in the middle of the group of rich people that she obviously likes being around and/or being one of, she demonises them to the very group that she came from.

        As for her body, I don’t see how those pictures emphasis her arse at all. They’re regular pictures from behind of a woman wearing a dress that isn’t particularly form fitting.


        1. All politicians hang out with rich donors and seek out high-profile press appearances. It’s the nature of the job.

          I have no love for this woman but it would be a bizarre thing for any politician to do to refuse an invitation to this event.


          1. Respectfully, a second ago you were saying that no one retains any information, and propaganda is all about feelings.

            About half the population – the side on the left – agrees with your logic. They see a young woman in a dress around important or rich looking people that she probably needs to make friends with. They feel impressed and become familiar with her.

            The other half of the population – the side on the right – doesn’t even consider your logic. Their logic is that AOC presents rich people as being bad, with the sense that it is unfair that rich people have so much money, privilege, good times etc.

            Then, at first opportunity, AOC is in all these photos in the middle of a crowd of bad rich people, seeming to have as much money as the bad rich people, while wearing the slogan she uses to say that rich people are bad.

            So they feel like AOC is disingenuous, is contradicting her main message, is probably a grifter, plus they feel jealous that they aren’t as young or skinny or at a nice gala ball etc and so carry those feelings away about her.

            This principle is why Trump focused on AOC and the rest of the “quad” so as to present them as being representative of the whole Democratic party, which did an enormous amount of damage to the Democrats. Conservatives, people in lower socioeconomic classes, people who are suffering etc get super upset at this kind of thing. They’re hardwired to and can’t help it.


  2. To me, the most iconic picture of this event was some elderly congresswoman wearing a “equality for women” dress with no mask on, while the women “help” in the background are all properly masked. She might as well have been wearing a “let them eat cake” dress.

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      1. I wish the proles will attain their class consciousness as well, instead of being completely brain-washed by propaganda. If COVID hasn’t opened their eyes, then I don’t know what will.

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      2. The narrative is that masks protect people from dying. So masking the servers is a beautiful thing that is done to save their lives. Serves us right for accepting the “masks work” narrative. Now we don’t have the right to have a face for our own good.


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