The HIV House of Numbers

I highly recommend the documentary The HIV House of Numbers that can be found here for free. It was made in 2013 and documents one of the earlier mega-fuckups by Dr. Anthony Fauci, among others. I spent my youth being terrified of contracting HIV that this bastard convinced half the world heterosexual people could get. Little did anybody know back in 2013 what Fauci was about to do to us a few years later.

Do watch the documentary. It’s very good.

11 thoughts on “The HIV House of Numbers

  1. But…they can get it. There was a big issue in the past where transfusion patients were getting it because the major corporations claimed their blood products couldn’t be heat treated to get rid of it. Obviously not every transfusion patient, but enough of them. That’s one of two routes of transmission.


      1. You can definitely get it through PIV and anal sex. That’s why rape kits include HIV exposure testing. Men don’t tend to get it from women as often, but women can get it from men who are positive. It doesn’t just spontaneously appear as a result of having sex, though, if that’s what you mean.


        1. Honestly, I’d think that after all that we’ve experienced we would learn that the presence of a test kit is evidence of absolutely nothing other than some rich bastard colluding with some corrupt bureaucrat to buy his useless tests to make him even richer.

          I highly recommend watching the documentary for what these tests actually test and how their results are interpreted. It’s eye-opening.


  2. I’m with Jim Kunstler on this: I can’t wait for that cargo ship bound for Paraguay with a load of cars to have this guy in a “guest cabin” where he’ll need to bring his own food.

    There’s a certain poetry to moments when Jim Kunstler can formulate his hate for openly revealed evil in easily digestible packets which if he’d translate into his books would mean I’d see him more often in book shops.

    But I’m already on record elsewhere as to suggesting the Australian truckers leave their trailers unlocked so they may be used as makeshift quarantine units, so this is just a variation.

    As for HIV, it was so awful for the average hetero that this one could stay as a guest of people with HIV in remission and still not get it.

    Norwalk virus, dengue fever, scarlet fever, whooping cough, rubella, malaria, and septicemia were actual things that nearly killed me by the time I was 20.

    So by the time HIV became well known, I didn’t really care about it except to avoid it like the rest.


  3. // And the discussion about hetero sex AIDS reminds me too much of “kids die of COVID, too” debate

    This is throwing the child out with the bathwater… Unlike covid in kids and healthy not elderly adults, AIDS’s deadliness is real. Even in this movie, which I watched more than a half of, one woman says that aids in England is different than one in Africa. I do think it is overdiagnosed in third world countries.

    However, we do not live in a 3rd world country and I believe f.e. Russia has this problem –

    Как следует из документа, в 2019 году умерли по разным причинам 33 577 больных ВИЧ-инфекцией, что на 8,9 % меньше, чем в 2018 году.

    В конце прошлого года СПИД.ЦЕНТР сообщал со ссылкой на академика Покровского, что Россия входит в топ-5 стран по скорости распространения ВИЧ-инфекции.

    Checked the situation in Israel and it doesn’t look too bad, yet other articles warn of AIDS being underreported:

    “Some 7,970 individuals registered with HIV/AIDS are currently living in Israel.

    As far as method of transmission goes, some 1,038 were PWIDs (people who inject drugs),

    Another 353 stem from heterosexual relations with partner from [high risk] categories, 1,171 from heterosexual relations with partners not listed in aforementioned categories, 225 were transmitted during birth from mother to child and 717 are listed as undetermined.”


    1. And there is a couple of kids who died of COVID. Which either means that all kids should be kept in isolation forever to avoid this tiny risk or it doesn’t.

      Honestly, if hetero people want to live in fear of AIDS – or scary aliens with two heads – it’s their God-given right. Everybody is entitled to their neurosis.


      1. // Honestly, if hetero people want to live in fear of AIDS

        I think there are numerous sexual diseases, with AIDS being the worst one, so one should use condoms and go for mutual medical checks before ditching condoms.

        Taking precautions =/= living in fear.

        Covid and kids is a bad analogy since it is a case in which a widespread virus isn’t dangerous, while aids and hetero people is a case of a rare yet deadly virus.

        Also, the aids epidemic among gay American people was created because of most gays in those circles having hundreds of partners. In more conservative circles and countries like Israel, aids may stop being a ‘gay’ disease.


  4. Btw, Russian people are forced to vaccinate and to register for electronic voting (with 5 friends at least!) via threat of being fired despite working in a private firm:

    Крах выборной демократии: электронное голосование
    Похоже, правы были скептики, утверждавшие, что это голосование 2021 года будет чуть ли не последним, хотя бы отдаленно похожим на голосование.

    Я знаю весь механизм, поскольку у меня есть старый приятель Коля, мой одноклассник (я о нем в своем ЖЖ много раз писал). Так вот Коля работает… нет, не в мэрии. Он, формально говоря, даже не «бюджетник» – нет, он уже лет 20 трудится в одной фирме-подрядчике, выполняющей заказы в необъятной сфере московского ЖКХ. То есть Коля работает на «частника»… но это ничего не меняет.


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