And to illustrate what I said in the previous post, the UK Labour Party is having a huge internal debate on whether men have cervixes. Apparently, all the rest of labor-related issues have been solved.

This is exactly what Mudge describes in her book. The constituency that is being pursued with the “men with cervixes” line consists of fussy wealthy people. Anybody who has ever done any actual labor (or gone into labor) can’t even comprehend what it’s all about.

What else is there to add?

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  1. This is proof – if proof was needed – that Wokism (Leftism=Neoliberalism) has indeed turned into a fully fledged religion, for which please refer to James Lindsay’s excellent and most illuminating New Discourses (online).
    Vociferously repeating senseless slogans like ” not only women have cervixes” or “trans women are women” is pure virtue signalling, simply affirming a dogma which must be believed if one’s membership in the Church of Woke is not to be questioned, especially when bona fide membership in such a church is now de rigueur for one’s political career as a member of the Left in all English-speaking countries and most of the Western world.
    In any religion dogmas are irrefutable points of belief that may not and must not be questioned, whether they be demonstrable or patently absurd, since they are held to be transcendental verities by means of which you can prove the believer’s bona fides.
    I would like to draw attention to Sir Keir Starmer’s dictum reported in the article: “it is something that shouldn’t be said, it is not right.” which I find a very dangerous development as it portends the ushering in of an Inquisition Tribunal, something which England, for its good fortune, has never had.
    In the Brave New World that is fast taking shape under our very eyes – and for your readers unfortunate enough to live in the Anglosphere, in their very street, workplace, church and government – It is not what one does that will cause one’s downfall, but what one says. This also explains the reticent, meandering, contorsionist bad-faith answers (or rather non-answers) given by the other Labour members when asked the same question: they are all mortally afraid to say the wrong thing because even they no longer know themselves what the right answer is, since this is still a religion in the making.

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    1. It gets worse, though. It’s no longer about what you say. It’s about what you don’t say. You can’t just sit it out quietly. You have to participate, loudly and aggressively. You have to prove your fealty to the dogma by loudly reciting it at every opportunity.

      And it’s supposed to be fluid to make sure that anythingone can be destroyed once the dogma gets refashioned. Yesterday it was a sin to reduce women to body parts. Today, it’s a sin not to. Yesterday, it was a sin to say that black people are lazy, stupid, and dirty. Today, it’s a sin not to. You can’t stay ahead of this. You always lose. Because that’s the whole point.

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  2. You are absolutely right. The principle stands, though. As in the old religion, when no one was allowed to excuse himself from participation in public worship: in Anglican England Recusants were fined or imprisoned, in Puritan societies – as happens to this day in Amish, Mennonite, Mormon societies – everyone is supposed to participate. Remember Orwell’s Two Minutes’ Hate in “1984” ? It’s the underlying principle of all absolutist religions / totalitarian societies / regimes: either you are with us or you are against us.

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