Who Won in Germany

I was busy yesterday and missed the news that Putin’s puppet won the German election.

It made total sense to use the EU to solidify Germany’s dominance of Europe so that the entire continent could then be handed over to the Russians (which means China, too, obviously).

In case people don’t know this, the party that won is Gerhard Schröder’s party. And Schröder is – surprise, surprise – chairman of the board of Rosneft, the Russian energy company controlled by the Russian government. He’s also chairman of the board of Nordstream 2. He celebrated his 70th birthday party in St Petersburg, in a palace that his buddy Putin provided. And attended.

Good job, Germans. Russia has bent you over its knee yet again.

10 thoughts on “Who Won in Germany

  1. I don’t see it that way. Germany hosts half a dozen US bases that it has no choice about. Militarily, all of Europe is dominated by NATO, which imo is a European extension of the US state. All of Europe is completely dominated by the US, which should be clear to everyone after the US snatched a $90 billion submarine deal with Australia from the French.

    Since the enemy of the day is China, it means that one of the problems of the day from a Western perspective is the trend of strengthening Russia/China alignment.

    To offset that, a more logical explanation is that the Russians are to be provided with a market for their gas to enmesh them in the European commerce and keeping them away from China, which also provides Europe with stable and probably strategically priced energy so that they have a manufacturing advantage against China particularly in regards to producing things like electric vehicles.

    In the past several months the US has also committed to building energy storage infrastructure in weak spots in the so-called Indo-Pacific (aka everyone in Asia except China) which imo makes it obvious that China is to be smothered by arranging the energy industry around everyone except China.

    So in regards to the German election, what it looks like to me isn’t any Russian victory or German state capture by Russians etc but rather part of a broad realignment against China as desired (and probably orchestrated) by the US.

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    1. Gosh, that would be great if it were true. That’s a really great alternative explanation that I like more than mine. Admittedly, I didn’t know about the energy storage infrastructure the US is building.

      A very, very interesting, helpful comment. Thank you.

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      1. Clarissa, may I ask if you are familiar with something called the Truman Doctrine, and how that led to things like the creation of NATO, the cold war, the Vietnam war, the Pivot to Asia etc?

        I’m asking mostly because I’m curious about whether or not it is spoken or taught about much in former Soviet nations/education systems. Most people in the West have no idea about it.

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          1. “I thought we cited it every time we invaded someone using Communism / Communist guerrillas etc. as an excuse?”

            When was the last time communism was used to justify an invasion?


    2. Great write up! Totally agreee, Russia and the Soviet Union are in the past , China is the new Boogeyman. Everything should be seen through these optics now.


  2. “Germany – Russia has bent you over its knee yet again”

    One thing the criminal knuckeheads who ran the Soviet Union got right (a very short list) was its policy of maintaining a divided Germany.

    I miss those days.


  3. Schröder left office sixteen years ago and lots of SPD-leaning voters consider the Schröder years to have been a huge mistake that drove voters away from their party and put Merkel in charge for four terms. Schröder still has some influence as a former chancellor, but he’s not in charge of the party. I am still developing my opinion of Scholz, but I don’t think he’s some sort of Schröder 2.0.


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