Q on SVU

Law & Order: SVU has gone full-on QAnon. In the opening episode of the new season, a character everybody calls Q is fighting against a powerful cabal of politician and law enforcement pedophiles.

Back in 2016 they had an episode that introduced millions of normies (including me) to Pizzagate. This is first-class trolling.

6 thoughts on “Q on SVU

  1. Did you see that 72,000 health professionals in NY will be fired, to be replaced
    By National Guard? All those folks have jobs already. And the teachers are being let go. The governor and mayor have between the two of them collapsed all our public insitutions. There’s no way staffing is not impacted, or already tanked student learning. And Hochul has the nerve to preach to Christians that God wants them to take the vaxine.

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  2. “This is first-class trolling.”

    Law & Order and its spin-offs have always done that.Several years ago I started watching reruns of the original show, and it was literally like seeing all the big events of the 1990’s replayed all over again.

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  3. Just wait until they start sourcing their plot angles from Anonymous Conservative’s blog and they have an episode about Havana Syndrome.

    What? I keep up with all of the fashionable conspiracies, it’s what Crackpots do. 🙂


  4. “Law & Order: SVU ”

    I can’t take American tv series anymore, the preaching is just too unbearable… I’m sticking with European (broadly understood) and Latin American series for the time being.

    I’m considering watching the Argentine series El Reino… have you seen it, and if so, then is it any good?


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