I slaughtered at the yearly budget meeting today. Received so many compliments that I even felt embarrassed, which is unusual because I have a pretty high opinion of myself.

As a result of me producing such a great, problem-free budget, I now have the green light to resuscitate our long-dead Russian program and hire a person to teach Russian.

Last year it took two meetings of two hours each to figure out the budget we had before I became chair. Now the meeting took 15 minutes and most of it was taken up by the compliments.

It’s so great no longer to be the low-achieving department that everybody can’t stand. I’m going to have a gigantic burger to celebrate.

2 thoughts on “Slaughtered

  1. “resuscitate our long-dead Russian program and hire a person to teach Russian”

    Beginning the coutndown before you regret this…

    …and why not Ukrainian instead? In some ways it seems a more interesting language (even if the literature isn’t so…. abundant).

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    1. I’m hoping it will be somebody from Ukraine. But we can’t teach Ukrainian itself because we don’t have course designations. It takes years to create them. In Russian we do have a whole major and minor on the books.

      But yes, Ukrainian is obviously vastly superior.


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