And that’s how it’s been since 2016. They publish incredible garbage. People believe it. Then, there’s a retraction nobody ever sees because people don’t reread last week’s news. The lies become common knowledge.

Trump mocked a disabled reporter! He said Nazis are fine people! An officer was murdered with a fire extinguisher! 900,000 kids hospitalized with COVID! Russia collusion! White boys set a black girl’s hair on fire! A Yale student called the police on a black student who was sleeping in the common room!

Tiny-letter retractions are never noticed. Bamboozled people get more and more invested into the lies with every repetition. I said it myself, so it must be true!

Texas passed a bill that criminalizes abortion. The Hunter Biden laptop story has been debunked. Trump confessed to sexual assault on tape. COVID is very dangerous to children. Floridians aren’t getting vaccinated. A perfectly healthy 22-year old who weighed 400 pounds died of COVID. Fully vaccinated people died but it could be worse.

And on and on and on…

5 thoughts on “Retractions

  1. Aporva Mandavillli is the winner of the prize for excellence. Cream of the crop. Imagine the reporting of the non-excellent journalists, lol.


    1. She is on their COVID beat. For her not to know that these numbers are ludicrous is kind of scary. It’s like a specialist on the Holocaust writing that it happened in Mexico in 2011. She’s either insane or lying like a total bastard.


  2. And somehow these “random” mistakes are always in one direction — more COVID patients, more sick children, Republicans are more evil — so much so that one begins to wonder if they are mistakes at all!

    Don’t get me started on this particular reporter. She wrote an article touting how kids spread covid in school based on a completely incorrect scientific study. The study was later corrected and retracted but her article was cited thousands of times by teacher unions to keep the schools closed. So far as I am concerned, she has the blood of children in her hands.

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  3. I have experienced the next level of it, which is when politicians and journalists do it to the individual. Practically no one can fight half a dozen defamation actions, since even a single one can bankrupt a rich person.

    Eventually what happens is that the journalists who do it on a daily basis create such intense hatred against themselves that, well, you know. The thing that happens when there is intense hatred happens.


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