I don’t believe in supplements but somebody I know who is in healthcare strongly recommended a magnesium (glycinate) supplement. I tried, and wow. Great sleep, great mood. It makes me feel really cozy and calm. I’m starting to think there’s something wrong with it because it’s kind of too good.

6 thoughts on “Magnesium

  1. If you’re taking prescription medications, you should check with your doctor about possible drug interactions before starting any non-prescription supplements.

    Remember that not all people involved “in healthcare” are knowledgeable about potential problems with over-the-counter supplements.


  2. Nearly everyone in the US is magnesium deficient. Adding a magnesium supplement is almost guaranteed to make you feel better, because your body needs it. Nothing wrong with it…just something your body is telling you it needs.

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  3. The supplements probably don’t make much of a difference when you are young but as we age, our bodies makes/store less of everything and that way we can boost the natural processes.

    I sometimes get tendonitis in my ankles and taking collagen reduces the healing time by half. Taking biotin makes a huge difference with the appearance of my nails and hair. I take magnesium for better sleep and sometimes vitamin B which gives me the most amazing dreams.


  4. I don’t take a magnesium supplement but epsom salts have been a huge part of my recovery from injury during exercise. Either by a compress (salts dissolved in water and sponged into a washrag with ice for acute injury) or via a hot bath to relax tight muscles. There are ways to eat magnesium too – spinach, cashews, and other foods. I used to take a lot of supplements but they waned over tiime – i.e. stopped working. Now I just try to eat healthy. Of course, that’s a continuous struggle.

    I hope the magnesium doesn’t make you so cozy and comfortable that you stop writing the blog because you are so contented that you forget to be bothered by the shenanigans.


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