History Repeats

I’m reading about Charles Lindbergh’s WWII-era efforts to keep the US from fighting against Nazism, and wow, he’s Tucker Carlson. The same enormous popularity and charisma frittered away on defending an obvious evil. The same pouty incapacity to condemn a terrible regime. The same verbal acrobatics to pretend there’s a moral equivalency between Great Britain and Nazi Germany Ukraine and Russia.

Lindbergh, by the way, was a vicious anti-Semite, which I didn’t know. And so was Henry Ford, which I didn’t know either.

5 thoughts on “History Repeats

  1. “Lindbergh, by the way, was a vicious anti-Semite”

    And a lot of people think that the famous Lindbergh “kidnapping” wasn’t that at all… I’m officially agnostic but from the little I’ve looked into it….. circumstantial evidence for Lindbergh killing his son (either for eugenic reasons or accidentally) holds together and makes sense while the official version lacks face validity….

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  2. I knew Henry Ford was a vicious anti-Semite. I did not know Lindbergh was, although it wits with other things I knew about him, such as his opposition to Roosevelt’s entering the war against Hitler. Curiously, I think Ford was very proud of the fact that he hired both black people and white people for his assembly lines, at the same pay.


  3. Clarissa, I keep hearing people say that Trump would be bad for the Ukraine war effort as he would probably cut funding for Ukraine, or at the very least not be as generous as the current administration has been.
    Seeing how Trump and Carlson hold or held similar foreign policy views, and there is a chance Trump can be president again, what do you make of this?


    1. Trump is like an armchair. He takes the form of the butt that sat on him last. That’s why he’s unpredictable. One never knows who’ll influence him at any given time. During his presidency, he had excellent people influence him on foreign policy. Unfortunately, those are the same people who are for increased mass migration, which ultimately cost Trump the re-election. I’m talking, of course, about Trump’s son-in-law. Jared is excellent at standing up to Putin. But he’s an open-border fanatic. So it’s very hard to say right now what direction this would go.


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