Male Lactation

What I don’t understand is why LLL is choosing to anger every woman who ever breastfed or is interested in breastfeeding in order to humor a tiny number of men with a rare sex fetish. This looks like a huge self-inflicted hit for no gain. They could have simply not said anything and avoided the whole “male lactation” mess. And this isn’t only about LLL. One organization after another chooses to lose support and anger followers to ingratiate itself to maybe a dozen men nobody would know about otherwise.

LLL is all about the importance of breastfeeding for babies. For them to now switch to the idea that babies should not be breastfed if some guy decides so is quite a huge pivot. There’s quite literally nothing left of their mission if they now believe that breastfeeding is completely unimportant. What can possibly justify such a complete abandonment of your only mission? We all know LLL. They used to be pretty fanatical in their dedication to breastfeeding. And now they just ditch it for absolutely no reason.

I don’t get it.

One thought on “Male Lactation

  1. I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of the “shibboleth” in the Bible. This is what all such wokisms are: proof as needed to show that you belong to the ranks of the Elect. Puritan predestinationism by any other name.
    This form of self-serving conceit masquerading as intense and even heart-felt pity has been present in American society from the very beginning, whether sincere or not, and is not going to disappear. It’s the same impulse that led to “democracy building” in the Middle East and to the idea that what’s good for America is good for the world.
    To the eye of discerning Europeans/ foreigners it’s the underlying characteristic defining all Americans as such.

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