8 thoughts on “A Place of Unfreedom

    1. My father is South African (immigrant family from Italy) and my mother lived there (Constantia, Cape Province) until 2014 when conditions became unbearable and she had to leave.
      South Africa is a lost cause and the writing has been on the wall for quite some time. All my family is left with is the memories of our beautiful farmhouse and of the glorious summers of my childhood.


      1. Well I disagree that SA is a lost cause, but certainly the situation is serious enough that it is understandable why people consider Europe’s wars to be a tiresome distraction.


  1. Response to “A Place of Unfreedom”

    this sort of thing was very much in force when I was growing up. The enforcers were the churches, mostly. It was a factor in why I abandoned Christianity.


  2. Reply to: “It’s easier to abandon a church than to abandon education and a job, isn’t it?”

    I attended a church related college as an undergraduate. It was probably the major factor in what I had to cope with to escape from the strictures of Fundamentalist Christianity.


  3. Historically, the rules of Terror have always been self-enforced, Clarissa. It only takes a few rabid activists to make the majority of people cower in fear. It is only the very few that have a vocation for martyrdom. “Live not by lies” is easier said than done, and even though I do my best to be true to it, I am still a coward on many occasions. May God grant me sufficient discernment and the Holy Spirit enough strength to face the enemies of Truth next time I have to confront them.

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