Destroying Math

In September 2022, three researchers published the provocatively titled article, ‘Do Introductory Courses Disproportionately Drive Minoritized Students Out of STEM Pathways?’ That article got loads of social media publicity for its conclusion that unequal withdrawal rates from STEM degree tracks are due to systemic racism.

This article is bunk. It’s been eviscerated immediately because of the faulty research and reasoning it’s based on. But it doesn’t matter. This article is being used to punish and destroy STEM programs at many universities, including mine. Professors of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology are being publicly humiliated and insulted as racists. The goal is to eliminate these programs, reduce the funding for higher education, and funnel the money into the pockets of some mega-rich but morally superior victim.

7 thoughts on “Destroying Math

        1. But, people naturally good at high-level math are not historically underrepresented in math. In the name of equity and inclusion, you need people who are not naturally good at high-level math doing high-level math.


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