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My Favorite Shrimp Salad


Ingredients: – shrimp, tomatoes, radishes, scallions, cucumbers, pine nuts, cilantro, sweet red peppers. Dressing: – blood orange olive oil, grapefruit balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, caraway seeds, a little dried basil, pepper, black Hawaiian sea salt. If there is no time to mix a dressing, it is always best to use olive oil and nothing else. Horrible store-bought dressings can destroy any salad.


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10 thoughts on “My Favorite Shrimp Salad

  1. Sister on said:

    Looks amazing! I want to make it too, but without the peppers. What’s caraway seeds?


  2. Pine nuts and caraway seeds can destroy any salad, or, indeed, any dish at all. The rest of this sounds wonderful!


  3. But pine nuts taste like soap, at least to me. I love sweet peppers, of course.


  4. Needs more shrimp.


  5. Looks very colourful. You could use sweetcorn instead of pine nuts, or pomegranate.

    I agree with you about store bought salad dressing. Disgusting stuff and easily recognisable. I went to a restaurant once that tried to pass off ready made vinaigrette for fresh. When I objected the waiter went ‘to check with the chef’ and came back insisting it was not from a bottle. I said I simply didn’t believe him and we never went back.


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