What Citizens United Demonstrated

The way Citizens United was decided offers extra proof that US conservatives are fully aware that they will not be able to convince the majority of citizens to vote for them and will now have to rely exclusively on buying the elections.

What the 2012 elections demonstrated is that even the power to invest unprecedented amounts of money into the elections will not make the ultra-conservative agenda attractive to the majority.

What we will see in the nearest future is the growing irrelevance of the ultra-conservative agenda and the attendant hysteria of characters like Limbaugh and Beck.

What we will see in a couple of decades is a society where being against reproductive rights, gay marriage or health insurance for all will be as unacceptable as it is to be pro-slavery today.

Thanks go to Rob F for bringing the linked article here.

One thought on “What Citizens United Demonstrated”

  1. I could care less anymore nor do I consider myself part of any political party or movement. There’s something wrong when politics becomes interesting in any way, shape or form and those radio hosts are just entertainers who have figured out how to make a ton of money telling a specific audience what they want to hear. Nothing more.


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