Winslet Does Not Surprise

I was not in the least surprised to read the following:

Actress Kate Winslet was actually so embarrassed about having a C-section for her first child that she lied about it:

When she celebrated the birth of her first baby, she hailed the joys of natural childbirth. But now, four years on, Kate Winslet has admitted she lied – her daughter Mia was delivered by emergency Caesarean section. The actress said she wanted to have her naturally and only lied because she believed she was a ‘failure’ for not being able to do so…

After Winslet’s very public drooling over a pedophile, it has become clear that she incapable of seeing children – including her own – as anything but objects that exist to entertain adults.

2 thoughts on “Winslet Does Not Surprise”

  1. I have my limits, but in general I’m in favor of separating the artist and the person. Professional performers (as a group, both men and women) are notorious for silliness, extravagance and emotional instability and in general the less I know of their off stage/camera life the better.

    I’ve missed most of Winslett’s filmography but her work in Heavenly Creatures and Eternal Sunshine was pretty great (overall quality of the movies may have had something to do with that)


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