A Dumb Mistake 

Our daycare sends us daily reports with photos about everything Klara did during the day: what she ate, how long she slept, etc. And yesterday I made the huge mistake of not looking at the report for once. 

Klara was very cranky, and I went out of my way to entertain her. But everything was making her even more upset. She especially hated it when I put on her favorite CD, which usually is a surefire way to make her happy. It was only after 7 pm when I found a second to look at the report and discovered she’d only gotten 30 minutes of sleep at the daycare. She was sleepy, and of course, music bothered her and so did the swimming pool. Would you like to sit in a puddle of water when you are extremely sleepy? Probably not.

Of course, I feel like an idiot because I could have spared us both the aggravation and put her down for a nap. My only excuse is that it was very hot yesterday, and I’d spent the day running around town like a crazed bunny. The heat makes me think and move much more slowly. 


Thursday Link Encyclopedia 

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