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Archive for the day “May 13, 2017”

Portugal Won!

I haven’t been able to hear the song yet but if somebody deserves a pick me up, it’s Portugal. Great country, rotten luck. 


A Conversation 

Klara and I are having real conversations now. This morning I said, “Let’s go downstairs and have breakfast.”

And she asked, “Cackoo?”

And I said, “Yes, you can have a cookie.”

And she said, “Hee hee.”


The only question I have about Comey is YTF In a didn’t fire him after the election for bring an unprofessional dumb twat. 

Say what you will but Obama had a huge hand in throwing the election to Trump. 

Short Memory 

I made the mistake of turning on the NPR and heard a bunch of castrated fools gush about how professional, respected and amazing Comey was. As if it weren’t because of Comey that we are saddled with President Trump. 

Darn losers. 

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