Sic Transit and Transit and Transit

Comey gave Trump the presidency, and in return Trump not only fired but humiliated him.  

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fellow. 

Let’s see who’s the next expendable simpleton. 


Painfully Obvious 

Every evening Rachel Maddow triumphantly and painstakingly proves that 2 + 2 = 4.

Drives me up a tree. 

Where the eff was all this when it could actually make a difference?


For my sins, Klara really likes dogs. During our walks, she is on the lookout for them, and when she sees one, she gets very happy and makes woof-woof sounds at them. She learned this from her favorite book about a puppy called Biscuit. I hate this book because Biscuit is very dumb. He never says anything but woof-woof. But Klara loves Biscuit, and I recently discovered that there’s a whole Buscuit-related industry, with books, toys, and everything else. 

I tried getting her interested in kittens because I hate them less but it’s not working. Or maybe potted plants because I almost don’t mind them. 

Does anybody know if large pet stores have actual pets inside them so that I can take her to look at them?

School of Racism

used to read a ton of this sort of crap, and what’s worse, I believed it. The result of the ton of readings was that I was persuaded that there were no black people in the suburbs because they all lived in The Wire-sque ghettos. 

Then I actually moved to the suburbs in a deep red area and found out how wrong I’d been. I discovered that there is a robust African American middle class that lives in the suburbs in beautiful big houses with enormous lawns. I now feel like a dumb racist fuck for allowing an offensive image of black people to be implanted in my head. My only excuse is that I’m an immigrant, and it took me a while to make the money to actually move to the suburbs and see for myself. 

Mind you, this all happened long before I read or watched any conservative or even centrist media. It was only after I started to suspect that something was wrong with my favorite The Nation that I decided to give a try to American Conservative. For years, I’d only read sources like The Nation, Jacobin, and Feministing, and wouldn’t even touch anything like Washington Post because I thought it was a mouthpiece of rabid religious fanatics. 

This is the most insidious kind of racism, by the way. This strand of liberalism is so invested into pitying African Americans that its adepts produce a skewed image which does enormous harm. 

And they do the same thing for immigrants in intellectual professions