Violated Reservoirs

Why are there so many deeply crazy people running around?

Example, but there are hundreds more:

And Trump is violating every intuition, every deep reservoir of feeling we have about how one ought to be a man, a leader, a symbol of our national identity. We are not distracted when we respond to those feelings. In fact, we might be better off to articulate our responses as feelings, as intense and profound and utterly righteous feelings.

I very sincerely hope that this fellow is simply a poseur who doesn’t mean a word of this shit. But I’m afraid these crazy folks do exist and I might run across a few of them and hear all about how Trump violates their reservoirs.


Memorial Day Weekend Link Encyclopedia 

This kind of dumbfuckery is why I hate Zuckerberg: “We should explore ideas like universal basic income to make sure everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.” Yeah, that’s what people on welfare do. They try ideas. Spoiled rich brat. 

I really enjoyed this classification of straight-A students. What do you, folks, think? Does it ring true to you?

And this is a true gift for the holidays: the most ridiculous advice ever on female orgasm. I haven’t stopped laughing since I read it. “Just rub.” I can’t get over it. 

Great advice on finding ideas to write about

When consumers try to do politics.

I never thought I’d find anything Ryan does commendable but this definitely is

Yes, intelligence is genetic. Why this is so controversial is a mystery to me. 

Sleep loss leads to weight gain

The poisoned generation. Everybody should read this, everybody. 

Disturbing developments during Trump’s visit with Netanyahu. This looks very strange. 

The Historic Neighborhood 

It’s turning out to be “My Day in Pictures” kind of day. 

Klara is at an age where I need to plan out the entire day with tons of outdoors activities if I am to have any peace to cook or read during the day. 

In the morning we visited the town’s oldest neighborhood. This is a place with really old, beautiful trees, small houses whose owners have lived here forever (and some have even been around for more than one generation!), and very broken down sidewalks. These are overwhelmingly blue-collar folks with an occasional college instructor renting a house before he can buy something in a middle-class neighborhood.

I never saw anything but Bernie signs in this neighborhood during the election. 

The funny thing is that the town’s most expensive neighborhood has nothing like this sensational foliage. The rich people’s house’s sit under the scorching sun with no shadow to hide from the heat. Of course, they have swimming pools but no pool can substitute these gorgeous old trees. 

Garbanzo Mushroom Stew

This is a great vegan recipe that I made with dried garbanzos soaked overnight and then stewed with some carrots, a lot of mushrooms, spinach, beet greens, and some rogan josh spice. I also added fresh ginger because I love it and add it to everything. Plus, I had a bit of left over crushed tomatoes from the borscht I made on Monday, so I threw them in, too. But it was such a small amount  that I can’t really taste them. And I used a cinnamon stick because I use them in all my stews. It truly transforms any stewed vegan dish. 

The best thing is that you can dump all the ingredients in the casserole and then just let it stew, so the time investment is minimal. 

The shoes are Camper, by the way.