Shit in a Bucket

I spent two hours inflating a toddler pool. Got one hell of a workout. Went out and saw it’s about to rain. 


Fluidity, Unchecked

Ideally, the Democrats would acknowledge that there is a real, legitimate and very painful terror of the changes brought by the economic and social fluidity that accompanies the erosion of the nation-state. People are freaking out, and it doesn’t look pretty, but their concerns are valid and need to be addressed. Both major political forces are using the fact that people who are scared of the changes direct their anger against immigrants or anybody else who embodies fluidity (e.g. transgender people). They are using it to strengthen their respective brands – whether through shaming the malcontents for their misplaced rage or stoking that rage. 

I see no evidence of any political force in the US even trying to acknowledge that fluidity should be checked, at least to an extent. Ultimately, if we have no other plan but to embrace fluidity, then, as cynical as it sounds, the only way of avoiding violent explosions is to stun the malcontents into a mute, resentful obedience. This is why, the more I think about it, the more I support Trump’s wall. Let it be built because it does zero harm but at least it will serve as a symbolic bastion against inevitable change. And when those who want it will see that it doesn’t work, they will be stunned into silence until such rapidly approaching moment when fluidity will triumph completely. 

Also, the people who are feeling so darn superior for adapting so well to fluidity and who keep mocking those who are less physically and intellectually fluid, your time, too, will come. And then the younger, the more agile, the more unburdened and the more rootless competitors will laugh at you just as loudly as you are laughing now. Neoliberalism divides and conquers. And it already defeated everybody who celebrates their sophistication and superiority over some other poor schmuck who is simply left behind (economically or philosophically, it’s all the same) two minutes earlier.

A Reminder about the Russians

It’s like people are congenitally incapable of learning. The media are bursting with the endless speculation as to why Comey was fired. Nobody has been able to interiorize a simple fact: Putin wants to see the US in utter disarray to bolster his argument that democracy always leads to chaos. 

That’s what he wants. Chaos, disruption, confusion. And these days he gets exactly what he wants in the US.

There is no other goal beyond the chaos. The chaos is the end in itself. 

I don’t have the slightest doubt that Putin is over the moon about the investigation of the Russian involvement in the US election. If the investigation stalls, I’m sure he’ll feed it. This is why I hate Maddow with her dumb show. There wasn’t a peep out of her about Russians when it could have had a positive impact. But now, when this talk of Russians does nothing but feed Putin’s ego, she can’t shut up. 

If Trump is impeached, this will do zero good to us (Mr. Fanatic Pence, hello) but will make Putin ultra happy and strengthen him to keep messing with the electoral process in the US.

Dirty vs Clean

A little boy noticed that some of the kids playing in his street are very clean and neat while others are super mussed up and dirty. 

“Grandma, why are these other kids so dirty?” he asked. 

“Because they are Russian,” Grandma said. 

“Then who are we?” asked the neat little boy. 

“We are Jewish.”

According to this classification, our Klara is very Russian. By the end of the day, her outfit bears evidence of a day spent running, grabbing, crawling, playing, trying to feed herself, and exploring the texture of every object she comes across.