My Time

Every Saturday and Sunday at 5 pm I retire to my room and stay there for 2 hours, reading newspapers, listening to birds sing outside, scrolling through my newsfeed, watching Shark Tank recordings, and applying facial care products. Nothing work or family related because I’m more than my work or my family. 

On weekdays, I have my time between 8 and 10 pm, and I have never succumbed to the unhealthy temptation to grade or check work emails in that time. 

Yes, you can, as well. 


More Schadenfreude

The Trump family is busily selling green cards and promoting immigration.  

Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah, losers.  Will that teach you how to trust billionaires?

Diversity Hounds

A professor at Duke spoke out against diversity trainings, and now he is being hounded by unhinged freaks. And the rest of the academic community is too mousy to stand up to the freaks. Everybody hates these trainings and finds them ridiculous and humiliating but you know academics. They are too chicken to speak up. All they can do is squeak vaingloriously about resistance and revolution while doing absolutely nothing to oppose actual, existing abuses.


Maybe all of these “Everybody stared at me and judged me for being in a public place with a toddler”, “At a restaurant everybody watches what I eat and judges me because I’m fat”, “Students treated me worse once I let my hair down”, “My evaluations depend on how nurturing I’m woth students” are a reaction against alienation. 

People are nostalgic for a world where somebody cares about their children, outfits, and food choices.