What’s with this weird habit of referring to one’s kid as “stinker”? Even if it was cute at some point (which I don’t think it was), it gets old after months of consistent use. 

“Where can I take my 21-month-old stinker in this weather?”

“My stinker is only 3 months old but we have the same problem.”

I knew I’d hate moms’ FB groups. 


Folks, did you hear that Dunkin’ Donut will be dropping the Donut part? Because they want to be like Starbucks and concentrate on just coffee. How weird is that?

Kremlin Puppy

Julian Assange was interviewed about his investigation of both presidential candidates in 2016. In this clip, he explains that he found no corrupt ties between Russia and Trump but there are between Hillary and Russia.

Told ya so, told ya so, told ya so so so so so. Now is a very good time to ask yourself how many of the rest of your favorite sources belong to the Kremlin. There are Russian scandals awaiting many people, websites, and periodicals.