The Productivity System

I’m afraid I might have created a lot of grand expectations about the famous productivity system when it’s not that special.

What happened was that I had so much to do that I wasn’t doing anything. I stared at the huge pile of books next to my bed and read nothing. All I did was trying to decide what to do \ read \ write first. 

So I had to do something to get out of this rut. The new productivity system consists of me making a detailed list of what I need to do tomorrow (e.g. read book X to page 161, buy cabbage for borscht, grade quizzes, write 250 words of the review, etc). Then I take the schedule and stick all these tasks into specific time slots. 

Hey, it works. I started the system on Saturday and since then I have already read 2 books, written 600 words, and done an urgent and time-consuming service task. It feels like an exciting challenge to see if I can cross everything I need off the list. 

The system is nothing special but it’s shaking things up for me. 


3 thoughts on “The Productivity System”

  1. This is one of my favorite systems too 🙂 I actually take it a step further and put my plan on the left side of the numbers on my schedule and what actually happens on the right–not only do I not want to record that I was on social media during my scheduled research time, but it also makes me better at estimating how long tasks actually take for the next time I have to plan them in, and not be overly optimistic about what I can accomplish in that time period.


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