A Covered Slate

After talking to the Marxists yesterday, I imagined how great it would be not to have to teach everything from the start, not to have to begin with “Spain is a country in Europe” every time.


3 thoughts on “A Covered Slate”

  1. As a citizen from Spain living in the US this cracked me up! A family member always pointed out that he was from Spain in Europe and my comment was always..duh! from where else!?! Until someone told me they wish they would have visited Spain during their to Mexico…so clearly I adapted my ways of presenting my country 🙂


    1. You have no idea how often I participate in the following dialogue.

      “I study the literature of Spain.”
      “The one that’s in Europe?”

      No, the one that’s on Mars, of course.


    2. After returning to the US after my first visit to Spain I was talking to a young teenaged relative of my ex-sister-in-law.

      Me: I’m just coming back from Spain.
      Him: Is that in Mexico?

      To be fair, this was in Miami a major US-Latin America hub so the immediate association with Latin America made….. a tiny amount of sense, but still….

      And Spanish people get it wrong too, they seem to suffer from a national delusion that Mexico is in South America….


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