The 600-page novel I’m rereading right now is one of the cutest texts I ever read. And that’s no mean trick, given that it’s about Basque terrorism. It’s a mega bestseller because of how incredibly cute it is. It took forever to get a paper copy because even with 27 reprints in 2 years it’s still sold out.


8 thoughts on “Cute”

    1. The Magic Realism Bot is actually a very old woman who has lived in a cave under the streets of Guadalajara ever since an early romantic disappointment with a dashing young soldier who periodically turned into a green jaguar.
      She connects to the internet by slowing weaving the saddest sarape ever, if she ever finishes the sarape then the internet will disappear or turn into duck eggs marinated in brandy, she’s not sure which possibility fills her with more dread.
      She lives with a wise cat, who is the reincarnated soul of an obscure pope and a most joyful beggar (and many others). Each night the cat undoes what she has woven to prevent the arrival of the butterflies of sadness…..


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