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Funny and Cute

Who schedules a dance class for two-year-olds from 6:15 to 6:45 pm? When do they think two-year-olds go to bed?

Klara is in the 3-4-year-old group from 4 to 4:30 because she starts her bath time at 7 and simply wouldn’t enjoy such a late class. Especially since it’s a 24-minute drive.

In the funny and cute news, I explained to Klara that Mamma is Ukrainian and Papa is Russian. We practiced the words, and she liked them.

“So Klara, are you Ukrainian or Russian?” I asked.

Klara gave me a look I usually reserve for the particularly hopeless students.

“I baby,” she said. “Klara is baby, Mommy.”


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One thought on “Funny and Cute

  1. Bureaucrats, professionals and business owners are always more clinical and perfunctory than they are realistic.


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