An Old Trick

Somehow I stepped into having the flash pop-ups from two of the most popular of the propaganda channels of Russian news on my computer. And I’m too lazy to try to disconnect them. So while I work on my desktop, I constantly see these pop-ups in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen yell breaking Russian “news” at me. I’ve been working on the desktop for the past 3 hours, and in that time I got over a dozen pop-ups in the vein of “Trump said in a tweet he’s going to attack our troops in Syria! American missiles are on their way! American bombing is imminent!”

It’s not really hard to guess who it is that is desperate to prevent US troops from withdrawing from Syria. Distracting people from a failing economy, corruption and a crumbling infrastructure with saber-rattling is the oldest trick in the book. The idea that the US would withdraw from Syria was so threatening that Russians had to organize a chemical attack to stop it.

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