Identity Idiots

Just as I started having hopes for her:

Senator Elizabeth Warren has released a DNA test that provides “strong evidence” she had a Native American in her family tree dating back 6 to 10 generations….

OK, she’s an idiot. Let’s move on.

19 thoughts on “Identity Idiots”

  1. Still is far from our worst option, looking at the 2020 field. I feel like none of the people I’d want to be president have much of a chance of getting through the primary. I’m just going to wait to see who makes it to the Ohio primary and vote for whoever’s most tolerable.


  2. She had to do that in order to run for president at all, otherwise Fox news would have run a 24 hour ‘pocahontas’ news cycle that would have made it a non-starter. She tried not to do it for 6 years but she calculated that she needed to. She is the only dem candidate that might have an actual articulated platform.


      1. But the results aren’t very convincing…. had there been a bit more it would have been a big win.
        Many more Americans claim to have some Native ancestry than could possibly actually have any. For some reason Cherokees, and “Cherokee princesses” (nb. no such thing existed) are especially popular pseudo-ancestors to have.
        I can believe she genuine believed there was more there than there was and her ancestry has no affect on my potential support, as a democratic nominee though she’s seriously challenged in the charisma department.
        Sending a second woman who is a capable and seasoned politician without much charisma against Trump seems like a very, very bad idea.
        It’s like a replay of the 1950s when the dems sendt Adlai Stevenson (very bright, very articulate but…. not very charismatic) up against the likeable and laid back Eisenhower who had perfectly tapped into the national mood…. twice. They did that twice…..
        As Shirley Bassey once said “It’s all just a little bit of history repeating….”


        1. Aren’t very convincing? That’s an understatement of the century. It’s like saying that Donald Trump’s manners are not always completely perfect. :-))

          As for her non-existent charisma, I thought it would be an issue but it looks like Americans can’t resist a weeny-widdle-gewal voice on a middle-aged woman, so it might work.


        2. I’m hoping we can do better than her in 2020. Democratic voters love her, but that seems to be about all who does. We need someone with some broader appeal. Even Bernie has more of that than she does, although I do not want him to be the nominee either.


          1. Absolutely. Trump is right when she says she’d be easy. There’s no mass appeal there. Bernie, at least, is grandfatherly charismatic, although I hope he doesn’t run.

            The problem is that those whom I want to run won’t appeal to the radicalized part of the base. And those whom the radical like with go over like a ton of bricks where I live. So, I don’t know right now.


            1. Sherrod Brown appeals to a lot of the Bernie crowd, but he doesn’t appeal to the “ugh, white men” crowd. And he’ll be competing with Bernie and Warren for progressive voters. And he probably has the best chance of the people I like (although for all I know there’s some great candidate who isn’t even currently on my radar.)


    1. It’s never a necessity to make an ass out of oneself. And the excuse of “I didn’t have to but the evildoers made me” is starting way too early in this process. Who wants (yet another) president who is played like a puppet by the perceived needs of Fox News?


        1. Obama released his birth certificate, it is basically the same thing. The right wing nuts pushed it until he felt it needed a response to shut the birthers down, though the birthers were crazy and he shouldn’t have had to. Obviously anyone running for president cares about Fox news because they capture the attention of half of American voters. Trump already changed today from ‘Pocahontas’ to ‘So what?’so it seems she might stuff this attack.


          1. God, is there any identity-based insanity people wouldn’t defend? Do you really not see a difference between proving that you were born in the US, which is a requirement, and dragging out a possible Native American ancestor ten (as in 10) generations ago?

            There is no analogy here. The lady is totally wackadoodle. Ten generations ago!


    2. I get the feeling this might make things worse for her. Now calling her “Pocahontas” makes it a more nuanced insult.


        1. And I’m not even mentioning the rest of the world that would die of laughter if it found out.

          And then they are all, “hmm, why don’t Hispanic immigrants like Democrats enough?” Because you do this kind of shit, that’s why.

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  3. I still believe Tammy Duckworth is the Democrats’ best 2020 candidate.

    I also do not see why Senator Warren’s honest release of her genetic background is anything negative. She did not know in advance what the results would be. It is true that lots of Americans, including me, have family lore thast they have Native ancestry. My DNA assay says I do not. It also says that I have one part in 10000 (.01%) Sub=Saharan African ancestry. Both of these facts are amusing but not important.


    1. Thing is, you are already on this side. The supporters loved what she did. But to run for president you need broad appeal. This doesn’t have broad appeal. It looks cooky.


    2. As for Duckworth, not only has she killed her chances by her statements on refugees, how is she supposed to campaign with an infant baby?

      This is unrealistic.


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