Stupid Con

Criminals have tried to defraud me as the treasurer of my association. But they are so dumb that it was obvious from the start. The real president of the organization would never write to me in English and refer to our scholarly organization as “a club.”

6 thoughts on “Stupid Con”

  1. Easy to spot but well done anyway. My credit card’s been hacked twice this year, by incompetent idiots who were so stupid the bank spotted the fraudulent attempted purchases even before I did. There are some very stupid people out there.


    1. The previous leadership of my organization lost 1/3 of all our funds to this con last year. The FBI is still investigating. So yeah, it does often work.


  2. Supposedly email fraudsters purposely make it very obvious that something is fishy to weed out the more astute so they can concentrate on working those those dumb enough to not spot obvious trickery. I’ll let you draw conclusions about the previous leadership on your own… (I assume you already have, but….)


    1. That’s true. Some people fall for nearly every fraudulent scheme that lands in their inboxes, too. I am surprised some people even have any money left at all. I don’t know what it is in their brains that just doesn’t let them see the completely obvious. It can’t just be low IQ or whatever, because that doesn’t seem to matter as much as you’d think it would in my experience.


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