Bread Pudding

Is the only dessert I like.

What’s yours?

12 thoughts on “Bread Pudding”

  1. I rarely eat desserts — too fattening, when you can order a second steak instead. But I’ve always loved lemon ice box pie (which is never found on restaurant menus outside the South).


      1. “Never heard of it (lemon ice box pie).”

        Neither has anybody else west of the Mississippi River or north of the Mason-Dixon Line. After all these decades, the only thing I miss since I left Dixie to seek my fortune is all the great food that I left behind.


  2. My favorite desserts tend toward citrus, or berries or vanilla. I don’t like heavy chocolate things for dessert.

    lemon meringue pie or key lime pie are big favorites,

    there’s also what one of my grandmother’s made with vanilla wafers, vanilla pudding, bananas and whipped cream. She called it steamboat pudding which was probably wrong…

    and red velvet cake.


  3. I don’t like American pie at all; I’ve always thought the crust to be just yuck. Also, I don’t care for donuts or crullers ore most pastries around here. I also don’t like ice-cream. I do love chocolate.

    In a restaurant, I’d go for something like Tiramisu or Creme Brule or a thin-pastry desert, like Apple Strudel, but desert in general has been becoming less and less appealing as I’ve been aging. Now I skip it most of the time when I order.


  4. And pumpkin pie! (only in the fall though, it’s just weird any other time) also mince pie (just around Christmas)
    I also like blackberry pie (blackberries are objectively the best berries).


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